Conquering Your Admin Your Way
with Alacrity and Professionalism
Conquering Your Admin Your Way
With Alacrity & Professionalism

Gain the time to
focus on your passion and
unleash your productivity…

Delegate all your tedious tasks to MyAdminMyWay


Do you dread confronting your computer and facing all the details involved with maintaining your membership database?

Do you wish you had a virtual assistant to free up your time to attend to your coaching, mentoring, advising and/or educating business?

My expertise will get you away from those details and free you up to work the more productive and creative sides of your business.

Is your excellent care of your members accounts taking you away from the coaching, mentoring, advising and/or educating that you love to do?

Is your time spent maintaining your membership or client database thus taking you away from developing content for your members? Writing your book?

You can relax with me managing your member accounts, orders, contact lists and autoresponders efficiently and accurately using popular back-end tools like Wishlist Member, 1Shopping Cart and iContact.

Are you managing a for-profit website while also proofing, uploading and updating new & existing content?

Are you passionate about developing and refining your ideas while also being fully committed to disseminating it to all who appreciate it?

With my Proofreading and Copy Editing services you will be assured of professional, error-free material to share with your clients.

Have you spent years building trust in your membership/client base and are now afraid to hand it off to someone else?

Have you been afraid to let someone else interact with your very important clients?

With alacrity and professionalism, I provide polite, personal, efficient and accurate customer service to my client’s clients.

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I can concentrate on my patients and enjoy my days off. It is priceless to have someone you can trust at your back.

~ Elizabeth Jones, MD, Fairview Mesaba Clinic