Conquering Your Member Site Admin Your Way
with Alacrity and Professionalism
Conquering Your Admin Your Way
With Alacrity & Professionalism

Gain the time to
focus on your passion and
unleash your productivity…

Delegate all your tedious tasks to MyAdminMyWay


You can relax with me managing your member accounts, orders, contact lists and autoresponders efficiently and accurately using popular back-end tools like Wishlist Member, 1Shopping Cart and iContact.

With my Proofreading and Copy Editing services you will be assured of professional, error-free material to share with your clients.

With alacrity and professionalism, I provide polite, personal, efficient and accurate customer service to my client’s clients.

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When I looked for a VA, I gave the candidates a test: write an email to answer a common customer question, including using screen shots. Susi Sheridan gave the clearest answer, with the best visuals, of all the candidates. I knew from her submission that she would be the kind of person who figures things out for herself, without my having to explain every little nit. I've now been working with Susi for 18 months, and she has taken a load of detail off my plate. I know that if I delegate something to her, she will either do it expeditiously, or pleasantly raise any issues that need clarification or rethinking. My only hesitation in writing this testimonial is that I want to keep her to myself!

~ Jean Moroney, President, Thinking Directions