Conquering Your Member Site Admin Your Way
with Alacrity and Professionalism
Conquering Your Member-site Admin Your Way
With Alacrity & Professionalism

Gain the time to
focus on your passion and
unleash your productivity…

Delegate all your tedious administrative tasks to MyAdminMyWay


You can relax with me managing your member accounts, orders, contact lists and autoresponders efficiently and accurately using popular back-end tools like Wishlist Member, 1Shopping Cart and iContact.

With my Proofreading and Copy Editing services you will be assured of professional, error-free material to share with your clients.

With alacrity and professionalism, I provide polite, personal, efficient and accurate customer service to my client’s clients.

Clear your to-do list today!
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Before I hired Susi Sheridan at, I was struggling with a task that had a lot of tiny steps using different platforms, requiring uninterrupted time to complete it. I used to struggle with following up and making the time to get the work done. Now I am less stressed because I know the work is in capable hands and is getting done. I highly recommend Susi because she pays attention to detail, is intelligent, a fast learner, has a great sense of humor, and is very personable.

~ Joyce Wright,