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Meet Susi Sheridan

So how did I get here?

Well, to make a long story short, I was Most current photounsatisfied with my electrical engineering job. I took a chance on a new venture with a physician starting a practice half way around the world.

Learning the ropes

The doc had her work cut out for her getting the medical practice and the hospital departments up to snuff and needed someone else to handle everything else. And I mean everything, from grocery shopping to doing her taxes to buying office supplies to auditing hospital financial reports and creating office forms. Turns out I have a love of handling details and it served me well.

Putting it all together in an expanding adventure

Twenty-five years, two partners, three practices, three hospitals, two farms including 40 alpacas and 18 horses, and five moves later, here I am while the doctor is getting ready to retire. So, I am now applying my hard-earned skills in an expanding adventure.

Today, I live in Northern Minnesota with my cat, my flutes and my books and use my expertise helping others conquer their tedious tasks so they, too, can lead productive, happy lives.

Let me put some of that expertise to use for you. Schedule a free consult to find out how. I am looking forward to meeting you,

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